(Sculpture by Jeff Koons)


Good things in small packages – The Zeiss Ikon Taxona

Zeiss Ikon Taxona

Being aware of square format only in the context of medium format cameras, I was intrigued by a recent thread in a photography forum in which 35mm square format cameras (such as the Zeiss Ikon Tenax II) were being discussed. Unfortunately, the Tenax II is relatively expensive, and not terribly common. Sensing my disappointment, one of the forum members from Germany suggested that I try the Zeiss Ikon Taxona ……

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Website overhaul

I’ve revised much of this website after a lot of procrastination (due in part to laziness, and in part to the enormity of the editing task involved).

To do this, I stripped the site of all gallery content, except for the basic layout/design features and the blog posts. I then went back through my entire archive of images from the last three and an half years, in an effort to sort the wheat from the chaff. After many rounds of editing (aided by my better half), I finally selected several sets of candidate images that now form the new galleries on the site. In the process of selecting and organizing these images, I also decided to separate monochrome and color image galleries, as I think this makes the image sets much more coherent.

I confess that I find editing and selecting images to be one of the most difficult tasks in photography – to those who can do it well, I doff my hat!

Anyway, after this long process, the revamped site content is now live. If you can spare a little time to visit the galleries, please contact me with comments, requests or just to say hello!

Thank you 🙂